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Award winning entrepreneur. Business Adviser and Money Coach.


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  • I explain money, from a business perspective.
  • My  money coaching session turns negative money thoughts into positive ones.
  • I write and make videos about money.
  • Provide business support, for new and established one person businesses.


The question I am always asked.  “Am I a millionaire?” Yes I became an millionaire in 2014. I am more excited by the transformation  it takes, than the actual money, or I would have more!


Once you have the basics, rarely does more money solve the problem.  If you haven’t got the basics, taking massive action, usually solves that problem and brings in more money.


My business career started with The Prince’s Trust, a charity supporting young people into business.  I borrowed £3500, aged 23 and set up a business,  hiring out tablecloths for events.  After 7 years, my team and I  won ‘Best Customer Service in the UK’ award presented by HRH Prince of Wales .




My life changing  moment was during a personal development course.  I realised I could think differently about my business.  My income increased from £80  to £400 a week. (1996)  Soon after I bought my first home.


I created my money coaching session to answer all my friends’ questions of “how did you do that?” Many of them are millionaires themselves now.


With personal development tools and simple  explanations from a business mentor.  My  business grew exponentially. This is what I show my clients.


I sold my business in 2000 and ran both a property business and music business for a couple of years.  My heart wasn’t in it.  I qualified as a business adviser and returned to The Prince’s Trust as a paid adviser.  I loved it.  Every day up to 8 clients would come in, with a diverse range of ideas.  Every client I helped complete a business plan, was awarded funding and started their business journey.  In my enthusiasm, I completed 5 years’ targets in one year.


Sadly funding ends. I moved to Ludlow, Shropshire, to be in nature and close to family.


Working as freelance business adviser, on contracts from the Job Centre.  I explored Wales and the West Midlands, enjoying the countryside and the people.


At this stage, I met husband.  We lived quietly in  a secluded cottage for a few  years with our dogs, simply enjoying life.



Then I saw people charging thousands for money coaching and I was horrified!

What happened to fairness, ethics and results?

Some coaches do know what they are talking about and get great results, but not all.


I spent a couple of years researching ideas but nothing worked properly. Ouch!  In the end I re-did money coaching on myself, with the help of a friend.


I discovered. I thought I couldn’t be happily married AND very successful in business.  Which is obviously not true!


Now I have cleared that block and found my business confidence again, I am busy creating new websites.  www.iexplainmoney.co.uk and looking forward to updating this one.

All the best, Jenny

07956 218744


To offer simple solutions that work.  For a great price and a money back guarantee.




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