Welcome to The Most Simple Book Keeping Course Ever


So, why do your books?


I can almost hear you say “because we have to” and yes tax offices around the world do love to know how much us businesses make, so they can tax us, that is true.

However, the main reason to do the books is for you.



You need to know how much, you can take out and go party on!


Or more seriously, making business decisions without know your figures, is a bit like wandering around in the dark.


So I have created this very simple way of doing your books and starting your book keeping journey.


It is aimed at

home based businesses,
one person businesses,
who are just starting out.

Or perhaps have started their business but got a bit behind with their book keeping!


It is 5 very short videos, of a couple of minutes each.

we do Book keeping Explained,
we deal with your Money In,
your Money Out,
Bringing it All Together and the
top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

In fact you can actually do your books whilst you watch the video.


All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

So do you want to start your book keeping journey now?


Click PayPal link below and pay, and I will take you to the videos.


Here’s how to pay and have your book keeping up and running in under 15 minutes for just £25.


Disclaimer: Only take advice that is useful!

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