I help people when they get stuck or want to improve.

My most popular offer:  a one-off 60 minute session, with you, on your money or your business.


“Your ability to get to the nitty gritty of a person is amazing . You have pointed things out to me that I was totally oblivious to!!! My mind is much more uncluttered and positive. ” (Money Coaching Client)

Money Coaching

We all have stories about money that both enhance and limit it.


I noticed people got stuck and no matter what they did with their business or how many jobs they applied for, nothing worked.


I created this session in response to that problem.


It will give you a sense of relief, that you know what is causing it.  Freedom from the past, as that block is released and almost always more money.

Plus you create a positive relationship to money in its place, to guide you, into the future.


It is not counseling, or NLP, the best description is transformational coaching.


I keep to the subject of money so you don’t have to tell too much personal information.


I ask you 5 short questions and we discuss the impact on your life.  Then we create a new belief.  That’s it.


It is the quality of the listening and my 20 years experience of personal development, which enables the transformation.  Clients say it is the turning point for them with their money.


“Since my money coaching I have put up my prices, stopped working for free, have confidence that my time is worth so much more!! I have also been much more confident in sending out invoices and now even gain my money up front! Huge progress!!”


I am a fan of anonymity, particularly for my money coaching clients.  Then they have the freedom to express themselves.  I can arrange for you to speak to a previous client personally, if you would like to check my credentials.  I also offer a money back guarantee, if I can’t help.


My clients are mostly women in the UK starting and running their own dream business, but I do work with men of course.


£95 for a very confidential conversation

Includes an analysis and short report plus a 20 minute follow up session.

Are you ready for a leap forward with your money?


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or go old school and call me for a chat on 07956 218744



Enjoy the process of making money

Business Support

£55 for the self-employed

A more in-depth version is a available for Ltd Companies. £150

How can I make money is my most popular question, along with finding more clients.


I research first.  Then listen, ask questions and between us we find solutions to these and many other business questions. Most clients have a priority problem they need solving, but often we cover their whole list of questions in one session. (1 hour)


With 5 businesses of my own and 15 years of business advice experience.  I usually save clients 10 x my fee but as a professional, I offer a money back guarantee if I can’t help.


By Skype,  Phone or in person.

Helping you sort out the business side of your business.

Email me message me on Facebook

or go old school and call me for a chat on 07956 218744


Other Offers

The Most Simple Bookkeeping Course Ever

The Most Simple Bookkeeping Course Ever

£25 to set up your books manually in 15 minutes

Includes: 5 very short videos to show you exactly how to do it.

All you need is a pen and a piece of paper (or a spreadsheet if you prefer)

“They very simply lay out the the basics of bookkeeping without being patronising! Worth every penny.”

Start your bookkeeping journey today, with confidence and knowledge



 “Don’t suffer, most things can be sorted out!” Jenny.


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