What is Coaching and Why Does it Work?

What is Coaching and Why Does it Work?


Essentially, it is just a conversation, but it is the quality of that conversation which produces the results.


There are so many definitions and types of coaching, it can be very confusing, even for me as a coach.

You have ‘performance coaching’ in sports to ‘non directional coaching’ in therapy.
Everyone seems to have their own view about what it is and how you do it.


Personally, I tend to use ‘transformational coaching’. That means I combine both the head and the heart, to achieve the desired result.


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) have their own definition and it is not too ‘management speak’ so I am going to read it out.


“Partnering with clients, in a thought-provoking and creative process, that inspires them to maximise, personal and professional potential.”


It does sound good, doesn’t it.


So why does it work?


Well I think there are lots of reasons for it working.

The particular ones I want to talk about today are:


Often we are inside our own head and can’t see ourselves.

A coach provides that external perspective


The other thing, is when is the last time, that someone really deeply listened to what you are saying, with a view to helping you, as opposed to replying or putting their point of view across?


The one key skill that all coaches agree on is that listening, particularly deep listening, is the most important thing.


Other skills they tend to have are ‘reflecting back’ so you hear what you say fresh, or asking questions.


Innocent questions because they don’t know you, to get you to the core of something.

Or challenging questions to stimulate a response.

They also hold you accountable, supportive, bring their expertise to a coaching session and I thing the one thing you perhaps don’t think of, is coaches are generally your biggest fan club.


They want you to succeed more than anyone, because they often become coaches to make a difference.


Coaching is essentially an opportunity, a modern opportunity, to spend time really looking at you and your life, as the main focus, and that’s why it works.


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Money and Spirituality

Maggy Whitehouse is a specialist on money and spirituality based in the U.K.

Describing herself as a prosperity consciousness mentor, Maggy has written many excellent books on money, spirituality and religion whilst also being a BBC Journalist and stand up comedian.

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So what is prosperity?


Whenever people come to workshops around prosperity consciousness,

usually there is a spiritual group of them who have a little bit of an issue about whether or not it involves money.

It is OK to say you want happiness and health and the world to be healed and all war to end but actually to put your hand up and say, er I’d like a bit of money too seems to be quite a difficult thing.


In prosperity conscience training money is purely an energy.


The truth is if we are struggling around money, we do want more money.


I actually get people to close their eyes, put one hand over their eyes, put there arm up in the air in a fist and then I say, ‘now nobody can see you, everybody who would like some more money in their life, just raise one index finger, and they all do’

There is this huge inner training that mostly comes from 2000 of misunderstanding Christianity that believes if you are spiritual, it is kinda wrong to be rich.


think on this, you can’t give from a place of lack, you can’t help from a place of emptiness, you can’t teach someone else to fish if you don’t know how to fish.


It is perfectly OK, spiritually right and perfectly good to be spiritual and rich.


So if you can, just be aware that the only reason you are not, it is because of this inner belief that somehow it is wrong.


Making money wrong isn’t going to help the law of attraction and if you think that people with money are wrong that is not going to help the law of attraction either.


These are all ego thoughts, making someone else wrong is kinda of an excuse so we don’t prosper.

Learning to teach prosperity consciousness is not selfish, it is the most unselfish thing you can do.

If you can learn prosperity consciousness from all the wonderful resources on YouTube, especially the Abaham Hicks ones which are my favourite and you become prosperious and wealthy, you can teach others to do that same.


I can teach 10, those 10 can teach 10, who can teach 10 , who can teach 10 and that will be the end of the world poverty consciousness issues.



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When will my business be successful?


The Most Simple Book Keeping Course Ever

Welcome to The Most Simple Book Keeping Course Ever

So, why do your books?

I can almost hear you say “because we have to” and yes tax offices around the world do love to know how much us businesses make, so they can tax us, that is true.

However, the main reason to do the books is for you.

You need to know how much, you can take out and go party on.

Or more seriously, making business decisions without know your figures, is a bit like wandering around in the dark.

So I have created this very simple way of doing your books and starting your book keeping journey.

It is aimed at home based businesses, one person businesses, who are just starting out. Or perhaps have started their business but got a bit behind with their book keeping!

It is 5 very short videos, we do Book keeping Explained, we deal with your Money In, your Money Out, Bringing it All Together and the top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

In fact you can actually do your books whilst you watch the video.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.
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The Best Feng Shui Tip for Money

Welcome to the best Feng Shui Tip for money.

So here I am in my home office.

What I notice is, when I go to clients, often the money area of their office, or more generally their home or plot, tends to have clutter or undesirable objects in it.

So I thought I would show you today, where your money areas are, so if you just want to tidy or clean a little bit of your home, then this would be the area to do.

Here we are in my home office and I am standing with my back to door, if I just show you my door, so you can see my door is here.

Where your money area is: if you stand with your back to the door, then it is on your far left, it is your far left area.

So if we go round, so that is my left wall and then this is my money area, in the corner. So has you can probably see, I have a light there and a drum and it quite clean and clear.

That’s the thing you can do, look at the area of your money and see if it has things that represent you? The most often thing I find is a bin!

I don’t know why but people just naturally put their bins in the money area. So what you can do is take a cloth and give it quick wipe, or next time you are cleaning, pull everything out and hoover (vacuum) behind it and just give it a bit of a clean and that spruces it up.

So that is my top tip, just spend a couple of minutes tidying your money area of your office particularly or your home or your plot, on a larger scale, which is the far left part of your home.
Thank you for watching.

How to Improve Your Maths, Without Doing Maths.

How to improve your maths, without doing maths. So we are talking money here, personal and business money as opposed to school maths, so sorry if you were looking for tips on trigonometry.

We are talking basic here, adding, subtracting and the odd percentage calculation and that is pretty much all you need for personal and business finances, yet we struggle.  I think as a money coach that the struggle is to do with the story we have about maths.

Many people have negative stories about maths and if you do it can be worth letting it go.  So if when you think of maths you think “sigh, I am no good at maths, all my family are terrible at maths, I can’t do maths” all those kinds of things.

Then it is definitely worth looking at your story and finding a way of letting it go because it will make life a lot easier. Before I did mine it used to take me all day to do my business finances!

I would worry about it and on the day, I would stress about it and I would work it out wrong and that gave me evidence for my story.

Then I would work it out wrong again and I would have to go and get help.  I would go and ask someone in my family and they would just look at it and go it’s that.  I would be “ugh, oh, I am no good at maths” and so the story perpetuated.  The more the months went on, the more I thought I was no good at maths and then

I realised in a conversation with a coach, that it wasn’t I was no good at maths it was my family were really, really good at maths, brilliant in fact.

They could look at things and see patterns in numbers that I didn’t see but that didn’t make me not good, it just made me average.

What I realised is I am fine at maths, not as good as my family but for business maths I don’t need to be, as I said it is very basic.  Once I realised I am fine at maths the next time I sat down to do my end of month finances, I worked it all out in an hour and I thought

“this is quite easy, how come I struggled with this for three years” and I thought “it is just a story, just a story I had about maths” and so letting go of that story can make all the difference.

My name is Jenny Bracelin and I’m a Money Coach and so I want you to be able to get on with want you want to do and not be living in your stories about Maths or Money.  Thank you for watching.