How to Improve Your Maths, Without Doing Maths.

How to improve your maths, without doing maths. So we are talking money here, personal and business money as opposed to school maths, so sorry if you were looking for tips on trigonometry.

We are talking basic here, adding, subtracting and the odd percentage calculation and that is pretty much all you need for personal and business finances, yet we struggle.  I think as a money coach that the struggle is to do with the story we have about maths.

Many people have negative stories about maths and if you do it can be worth letting it go.  So if when you think of maths you think “sigh, I am no good at maths, all my family are terrible at maths, I can’t do maths” all those kinds of things.

Then it is definitely worth looking at your story and finding a way of letting it go because it will make life a lot easier. Before I did mine it used to take me all day to do my business finances!

I would worry about it and on the day, I would stress about it and I would work it out wrong and that gave me evidence for my story.

Then I would work it out wrong again and I would have to go and get help.  I would go and ask someone in my family and they would just look at it and go it’s that.  I would be “ugh, oh, I am no good at maths” and so the story perpetuated.  The more the months went on, the more I thought I was no good at maths and then

I realised in a conversation with a coach, that it wasn’t I was no good at maths it was my family were really, really good at maths, brilliant in fact.

They could look at things and see patterns in numbers that I didn’t see but that didn’t make me not good, it just made me average.

What I realised is I am fine at maths, not as good as my family but for business maths I don’t need to be, as I said it is very basic.  Once I realised I am fine at maths the next time I sat down to do my end of month finances, I worked it all out in an hour and I thought

“this is quite easy, how come I struggled with this for three years” and I thought “it is just a story, just a story I had about maths” and so letting go of that story can make all the difference.

My name is Jenny Bracelin and I’m a Money Coach and so I want you to be able to get on with want you want to do and not be living in your stories about Maths or Money.  Thank you for watching.