Terms of Business

I want everyone to feel good and make money with their business.

This is my focus, I also have to comply with law.



Disclaimer: Only take advice if it is useful. Based on information provided at the time.

“advice” includes but not limited to; business advice, general advice, coaching and recommendations.


One to One Sessions

I prepare for a one to one session by researching:

your strengths, your business, your industry and the current marketplace.

I also take time to centre myself, in order to focus completely on you and your situation, to provide the best possible outcome.


Included is a one page summary report with a short analysis, content covered and action plan.


This is why I appreciate you keeping your appointment. although understand it is not always possible and request payment in advance.


Professional Guarantee: I will refund your payment if I can’t help.




I do not provide “advice” by email and any suggestions are not backed by my Professional Guarantee – it is too easy to misinterpret things.

“advice” outside a one to one session is considered general advice, relevant to most people and not based on your personal situation.

You need to decide whether it is relevant or not to you.




I am not a financial adviser or an accountant and not regulated to give financial advice.

I can however help you think through what is right for you with coaching questions and give you business advice.

I am not responsible for you taking actions following my suggestions, although I will do my best to motivate you.

Confidentiality is an essential part of being a business adviser and money coach.  You can rely on me not to reveal you are a client or the details of your business to other clients.




Payment is in advance and no further costs will be in incurred.

I aim to charge a fair price, given my experience and expertise and the results possible in your life.

Refunds are given in the result of cancellation, and in line with distance selling rules in the UK, when selling over the internet.




I am a professional and operate with integrity.  All “advice” is based on achieving the best outcome or objective, for you and your business.  I am known for prioritising health over making money!




I often work with clients in the same industry, i.e. therapists, as I find each person’s business is unique to them and their personality.  However I will notify you or decline business, if I think there is a conflict of interest.



I am honest, fair, moral and conduct my business in an ethical way, within UK laws.


I research and promote ways, particularly with money, that work for everyone.


The Planet


I consider the planet in my use of resources.  I re-use, reduce and recycle and use public transport, where possible.  I also make a regular contributions to my local Wildlife Trust.



Everyone is a human being and deserves the best possible service.

I have worked in both urban and rural situations and also have 3 years experience of working with people with physical and/or mental disabilities.


Invalidating one clause does not invalidate the others.


Business is only business.  The joy of this work is seeing people light up with understanding and motivation, that they too are successful and happy with their lives. Jenny






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