Money Magic Talk

Money Magic Talk How to grow your own money tree in a simple, positive and motivational way. Money Magic!   Discover The Essentials of Money.   What do you think about money? Where to focus your time and effort. How to motivate yourself to take action.   You can learn...

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Tax Returns are Rarely Fun!!

Tax returns are rarely fun!!   Do it in April and get it out of the way.  You won't have to pay until January.    Then you can make this year, the most profitable, as you will have been intimate with your figures!   All the best, Jenny     For more business support...

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Talking About Money, Saves You Money

Talking About Money, Saves You Money!   As a Money Coach, I am a big fan of talking about money, as I feel it de-mistifies it. Talking to a client, I helped them get a refund of £25,000!! They didn't know what they didn't know - let me explain. The client had come to...

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Why Are People Weird About Bookkeeping?

Why Are People Weird About Book-keeping? I have always thought people avoided their book-keeping, because they didn't want to know the answer - because things weren't going well! But I have been helping a client with her book-keeping. Her figures were fantastic!! So I...

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Where Does All My Money Go?

Where Does All My Money Go?   Ever wondered why, no matter how much you earn, there never seems to be enough for you?   Well I am going to explain that today. It's funny, once we set up a standing order or a direct debt, or even claim benefits, we kind of forget about...

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Best Money Books for Christmas

The Best Money Books for Christmas? Well, if it is for you?  The public library is good. Money books with numbers in are found in the personal finance section but money books without numbers, which I am talking about today, are found under philosophy! OK so what is...

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