Self-Employed Support March 2020

What Self-Employed support is available in March 2020 and how can you access it?  This is the question everyone is asking right now.  I will do my best to answer it and motivate you along the way. This level of self-employed support is unprecedented and we are still...

What Happens at a Money Retreat?
What Happens at a Money Retreat?

“Wows” from everyone, is a wonderful way to start a day. Find out what happens on a Money Retreat, from identifying your money style to sound baths.

Money Retreat
Money Retreat

A transformational money retreat, designed to give you space and time, to heal your relationship to money, improving your financial results, for the rest of your life!   Create a new, fresh outlook on your relationship with money, with support, inspiration,...

“This Lady is a Magical Genius”

  "This lady is a magical genius!" Here are the results for Claire, a fitness expert and coach - I have permission to share the whole testimonial!! "Jenny is quite frankly phenomenal. After one session, she got right to the core of the issue/s. I really had no...

Endings or Beginnings: Which Do You Prefer?

Endings or Beginnings: Which Do You Prefer? For example, if you prefer endings, then you have probably already sent your tax return to the Tax Office?  Whilst some of you are nodding wisely, others are reeling in horror, "I thought I had until January to do my tax...

Sabotaging Your Money? AGAIN!!

Sabotaging your money?  AGAIN!!   Resist the urge to blow it ALL up.   So, you sabotaged your savings goal, your business had a tough month or your car needed repairing AGAIN. Do you really want life to be a horizontal straight line?      ...

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