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Jenny Bracelin


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I explain how money works in business and boost your confidence so your efforts are rewarded.


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Based in Shropshire, West Midlands, UK,  I work nationally and internationally, mainly by Skype, Messenger and telephone.


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Entrepreneur, Business Adviser, Money Coach

An award winning entrepreneur, Jenny started and ran successful businesses in linen hire, property, music and business advice, becoming an asset millionaire in 2014.

A typical entrepreneur, her education is primarily four successful businesses along with 20 years of personal development and Certificates in Coaching, Business Advice, Business Counseling and Business Training.

Starting her business adviser journey at The Prince’s Trust, a charity helping young people.  Jenny particularly focused on artists and musicians.  She developed a passion for understanding people’s attitudes to money and a commitment to improve everyone’s financial situation.  So we all have money.

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