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About Jenny

Money Coach

Hi, I’m Jenny and on a mission to get people excited about making more money, both joyfully and ethically.

To let go of the stress, self-sabotage and grow yourself and your money.   For more comprehensive business support, please see my other website

I love my work, transforming peoples’ relationships to money.  As a coach, I listen from the heart, seeing you a whole person.

Qualified Coach, Business Mentor, Spiritual Healer, and been in business for nearly 30 years. 

Jenny Bracelin

Here is my formal 3rd person biography (my story is below):

Jenny Bracelin is a qualified, skilled and experienced money coach and business mentor.  Passionate about transforming people’s relationship to money and motivating them to make more. 

Originally trained as a ballet dancer, Jenny brings creativity and passion to every conversation. Starting her first business in linen hire aged 23, going on to win a National Customer Service Award with The Prince’s Trust and retiring aged 30.

Having taught herself business finances and inspired by personal growth.  Jenny retrained as a mentor, coach and healer, to help other passionate people create businesses they are proud of – using innovative methods.  

Jenny motivates and shows people how to make more money in a  simple, positive and confidence-building way.  

My Story:


My ‘ah ha’ moment was during a personal development course in 1996. My business was doing OK but I wasn’t making much money personally. I changed my attitude, spent Monday playing with my business finances.  Then gave myself a massive pay rise and bought my first home in London.

This photo is my favourite London home, currently rented to lovely self-employed tenants.


Ealing Village

Clients say I get to the heart of an issue and have a knack for explaining things, so they understand, often for the first time.


Your Ability to see to the heart of an issue

Coaching Qualifications

I mainly use transformational coaching, which works with the body, emotions, mind and (spirit) giving you lasting change with less effort.

My coaching qualifications are a certificate and diploma from the University of Warwick.  Plus 5 years intensive personal and professional development with Landmark Education.  See LinkedIn for more details about me.

I allocate 10% of my income to personal development because I love it.


Business Background 

Prince Charles and Jenny Bracelin

I created my first business aged 23, Catering Linen Hire and sold it 8 years later after winning the Best Customer Service Award in the UK with the Prince’s Trust. 

Other businesses include Property and Music but my heart wasn’t in them and I qualified as a freelance business adviser.  Starting that career as paid adviser for the Prince’s Trust.  I loved it so much,  I delivered 5 year’s targets in 1 year. 


I am honest, fair and non judgemental.  Every individual is a human being and will receive the best possible service. I research and promote ways with money, that work for everyone, and the planet. 

Please tell your friends about me, as solving people’s money issues in one session, isn’t the most lucrative way to make money!!  But it is ethical and I think important – not everyone needs long expensive courses.

One of the things I am most proud of is being able to take a few years off work when my husband got sick.  I want everyone to have that option.  Now I drag him out dancing.


2021 Update


I am now working fully online and more internationally. (My in person Money Retreats will be back in the future.)

I offer a free brainstorming session for anyone who is struggling to make their business work right now.

In March, I was fortunate to run my second in person Money Retreat.  I followed it up with an emergency support group called ‘survive and thrive’, which thankfully they all did through the first lockdown. 


Nurturing Business

From July 2020, we created a business group for self-employed people working from home.  This includes weekly co-working online, support, connection and expertise.  This is hosted with my amazing Marketing Mentor, Chloe Morris from Pink Flamingo Marketing.  For more information and to book, please go to Nurturing Business. 

Contact me directly via phone 07956 218744, email or connect via social media.




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