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Hi I’m Jenny

Heartfelt and Practical Business Coach

Enjoy the freedom and benefits of owning your own business.  

  • Let go of the stress
  • And the worry
  • Sidestep the self-sabotage

I listen from the heart, seeing you as a whole person, so you fall in love with your business again.

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My ‘Aha!’ moment

My ‘aha’ moment was during a personal development course in 1996.  My linen hire business was doing OK, but I wasn’t taking home much money!

During the course, I changed my attitude towards money and business.  Then spent Monday playing with my business finances. 

The result of changing my attitude and playing with my money? A massive pay rise, enough to buy my first home in London.  

About Jenny Bracelin winning the Best Customer Service Award in the UK

Do you have the right business?

My Practice Business

“This is my practice business”.  That’s what I used to say to myself aged 23, when I started my first business.  It wasn’t sexy or glamorous – hiring out tablecloths for events such as weddings, parties and film shoots.

Eight years later, after winning the Best Customer Service Award in the UK with the Prince’s Trust and earning lots of money,  I sold it and tried retiring.

I met Prince, now King Charles – he was entertaining and supportive.

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Do what you love.

73% Success Rate

During my brief retirement, I spent most of my time answering questions like this: “you’ve run a successful business, how do I…”

I did run a record label and I am a property landlord, but my heart wasn’t in them.  I qualified as a business adviser, mentor & coach and achieved a 73% success rate (Birmingham Chamber of Commerce).

Practice makes perfect!  After 10 years, I could explain anything to anyone! 

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How would you describe what you do?

What is mentoring?

Mentoring provides solutions from experience and expertise.
Tell me what you want, and I’ll show you how to get there.  

Qualifications: Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, NVQ 4 in Business Advice and B-School.

I celebrated 30 years in business and 20 years as a mentor last year.

Jenny Bracelin Testimonial

How is your relationship to money & business?

What is coaching?

Coaching asks insightful questions to provoke change.
I use transformational coaching as many of my clients are practical. This works with the body, emotions, mind (and spirit), giving you lasting change with less effort.
Qualifications: Certificate & Diploma in Coaching from the University of Warwick.  Member of the Association of Coaching.
Other Info:
  • Trained as a ballet dancer until I was 18, giving me an innovative and creative approach.
  • Attended five years of courses with Landmark Education, including eight days of learning how to listen. 
  • A lifetime of self-development, including regular complementary therapy sessions and training as a Spiritual Healer

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Why do we do it?


Freedom is the reason I face my fears, deal with the stress and don’t give up hope when I self-sabotage.
The ability to set my hours, working conditions, and to bring heart, humour and my dog to my work every day.
Whether you’re aiming for a dream home, a travel lifestyle or earning your living, they are the rewards for those courageous steps we take every day.  Claim them.
About Jenny Bracelin

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