Transform Your Finances

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Transform Your Money

Transformational money coaching and general money advice by UK Money Coach, Jenny Bracelin


There are a variety of specialists who coach, as opposed to give money advice.

  • Wealth Coaching, Financial Coaching, Prosperity Coaching, Mindset Mentoring.
  • All have the aim of making you richer – for a price of course!

Whatever you choose, requires your time and effort, as well as money.


Book my simple and easy breakthrough session today – consultations are by phone or zoom.

“I have recouped what I spent 10 times over, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”
Kerry Ribchester, Key2Cuba


Jenny Bracelin Money Coach and General Money Adviser at the Castle


I’m Jenny

  • What did you learn about money growing up?
  • Do you think 4 letter words?! Or hesitate, when money is discussed?
  • Is you attitude to money holding you back?

With 20 years’ experience, I make it as easy as possible because I do it with you, usually in one session. No more wondering, does that apply to me?

“This lady is a magical genius” 
Claire Davis, Fitness Expert & Midlife Mentor.

What I Do

Transformational Money Coaching


A conversation to change how you think and feel about money.  My aim is always to make you more money.

This video explains why people book my Money Coaching and how it works. (2 mins)


Benefits of Money Coaching

  • Make more money
  • Feel confident and tackle financial paperwork and conversations.
  • Ask for payment, negotiate pay increases, stop playing small and see the opportunities around you.
  • Benefit from general money advice and tips.

You can enjoy or at least be confident managing your money. laughing

How it works 

  1. I ask you 5 short questions to uncover your core beliefs
  2. Then we create a new positive belief together.
  3. I do it with you, making it simple and easy.


This one off breakthrough session provides:

Money (most clients make or save 10 times my fee)
Boosts your confidence
Opportunities follow.

Money Advice
I am happy to answer general money and business related questions at the end of the session. (Not a financial adviser and I won’t sell to you.)

Most clients say this session is the turning point for them and their money.

“She listens and quickly gets to the crux of your core money beliefs, this opens up a discussion that is life changing.” Hannah Price, Marketing Specialist



“The difference just one session has made to how I feel about money, and the new money coming into my business has been phenomenal. Thank You for all your patience and skill. I have recouped what I spent 10 times over. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !“ m

Kerry, Director,

“Much appreciated Jenny, good job done for me! I love the powerful simplicity of your method, that nonetheless provided a rich encounter, that really entered into the depth of the problem.”

Will Medd

Professional Certified Coach,

Jenny’s one session money coaching is phenomenal. She listens and quickly gets to the crux of your core money beliefs, this opens up a discussion that is life changing. Things then click into place and the self-imposed barriers become obvious and together you create an action plan to eliminate them. Jenny gave me an insight and clarity that has left me feeling positive and empowered about the future.

Hannah, Financial Services Marketing Specialist


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Money is the Root of All Evil Explanation

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