One Session Money Coaching

by Jenny Bracelin

Do you think 4 letter words?!! Or pause, when money is discussed?
How likely are you to get the business?

Stop underselling yourself?

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What is Money Coaching?

This is my definition:  “To transport people, from where they are to where they want to be.” Jenny Bracelin

There are now a variety of specialist money coaches, depending on your needs: Wealth Coaching, Financial Coaching, Prosperity Coaching, Mindset Mentoring – all with the aim of making you richer – for a price!

Whatever you choose, requires your time and effort, as well as money.

I make it as quick and easy as possible.

Work with Me

Professional Money Coaching £295

Do you think 4 letter words?!! Or pause, when money is discussed? How likely, are you to get the business?

Stop underselling yourself! Get the business. Successfully negotiate pay increases. Enjoy managing your money. laughing

My Money Coaching answers these questions:

  1. Why do I have a problem with money?
  2. Where did that come from?
  3. What can I do about it?

I ask you 5 short questions.

Then we create a new belief together, relevant to your life now.  I make it as quick and easy as possible because I do it with you.

This one off session provides relief.  You will find your answers, your confidence and opportunities will follow.

Most clients say this session is the turning point for them and their money.

What People Are Saying

The difference just one session has made to how I feel about money, and the new money coming into my business has been phenomenal. Thank You for all your patience and skill. I have recouped what I spent 10 times over. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Kerry, Director

“Since my money coaching I have put up my prices, stopped working for free, have confidence that my time is worth so much more!! Huge progress.”


Social Media Consultant

“Your (Jenny’s) ability to get to the nitty gritty of a person is amazing.  You have pointed things out to me that I was totally oblivious to!!”



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