Is your second business worth it?
I have lots of ways to analyse and improve your second business.
Here are three questions you can ask yourself.
1. Do you love it?
You might know it’s a hobby in your heart, but it pays for itself and only takes a couple of hours a week.
2. Does it make money?
It makes more money than your current business, which is exciting. If it works and you enjoy it, you might transition to this business full-time.
3. Is it a distraction?
You’re excited about creating a new business…to avoid facing the reality of your current business.
You’re stuck, bored, or frustrated with your current business and instead of fixing that, you’re distracting yourself with a new and exciting business. Sadly, it’s likely you’ll get stuck in the same place.
Here’s a calculation to help you assess whether starting a second business is worth the time and money.
Total Income – Total Expenses = Net Profit
(You can choose to do it weekly, monthly or yearly. Whichever is easiest.)
Then divide by the number of hours you spend on this business.
Net Profit / Total hours worked = Your Hourly Rate.
I can help you work out this calculation in a free 30-minute discovery call, or you can book A Year’s Support and let me help you make all of your businesses worthwhile.

All the best, Jenny

Jenny Bracelin
Business Coach


I’m Jenny Bracelin, a Shropshire-based business coach who provides heartfelt and practical business coaching to individual business owners.

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