Pay before the 5th April to save up to £980 tax on this year’s bill.

Most of my clients pay £3,000, which is £250 a month.

Recently, I had a client who paid upfront, and we saved her £6,556 on our first meeting. She was delighted and relieved, and I wanted to share the love!

I’m a qualified business coach with over twenty years of experience. If I can’t help, I will refund your money.

We upgrade every area of your business month by month in a heartfelt and practical way.

Or, as most of my clients do – they bring their problems, questions and dilemmas, and we solve them together.

Giving you the precise results you need – with clarity, confidence and freedom.


These 12 x 90-minute sessions can be taken in any order, giving you ongoing support, expertise, and accountability with your business.

~ What is Important?
~ Which ideas to progress
~ Ideal client
~ Branding & Customer Journey
~ Website & Social Media
~ Business Finances & Pricing
~ Money Mindset & Personal Finances
~ Cashflow & Bookkeeping
~ Business Personality
~ Productivity & Time off
~ Technology & Legal
~ Goals & Dreams

Message me or book a free discovery call to find out if this opportunity is right for you.

All the best, Jenny
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Jenny Bracelin
Business Coach


I’m Jenny Bracelin, a Shropshire-based business coach who provides heartfelt and practical business coaching to individual business owners.

Streamline your business to make more money with happy clients and still enjoy your weekends off.  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and I can help you.

Please feel free to book a free discovery call to find out how.