I always aim for a positive interpretation of The Budget, especially from a self-employed perspective. 

Maybe he listened, and the measures announced will actually be useful?  

Either way, take advantage of the pro-business environment, as it won’t last forever.

Benefits of The Budget 2023 for the Self-Employed: 

  • Enjoy being acknowledged for our work during lockdown.
  • Spend or save the small self-employed NI savings. 
  • Consider how to be more productive – using tech, AI, or my favourite – creative solutions.
  • I’m happy to help.

General Benefits

There could be more depending on your industry – I suggest you listen out for local and industry-specific news as the details are rolled out.

For example:
A business with self-employed staff who want to expand their premises to meet the demands of new contracts in Green Tech. They may find tax breaks, faster payments, and less hassle with planning.

Last year, my conclusion was, please don’t run your business finances like the government does!

This year, take advantage of the pro-business environment, as it won’t last forever.

All the best, Jenny

Jenny Bracelin
Business Coach


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