Love what you do?

Not sure about the business side of things?


I explain money to women starting a business.

No jargon, no expensive courses, no information overload.

Just practical and emotional support.


“Simple, easy, accessible” Roise (Roe-sha)


Feel good about business, right from the start

Whether you are thinking of starting or re-starting your business?

As a creative, therapist, coach, crafts person, professional or even an internet business.


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In a simple, relaxed way

I include Practical Subjects like:

  • Money, Pricing, Bookkeeping, without the jargon
  • Customers, Selling, Being Organised, how to cope with running a business!
  • Legalities, new regulations, Tax, so you won’t miss anything important.


Plus those Emotional Ones too

  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Feeling good about money
  • and of course overcoming your fears.

Everything I can think of, to start and run your self-employed/sole trader business successfully.


What’s the catch?


None, I have supported 100’s of people (yes, men are welcome) into business over the last 10 years.


I know, as an entrepreneur, business adviser and money coach, that a few of you, will want extra help and book one of my reasonably priced offers.


Maybe my Gentle Art of Money or book a Start Your Business Intensive. 

or like most people, get stuck and book a one to one session with me,

on either money or business. 

To work out what’s not working and find the right way forward for you.


As a qualified professional, I have helped people, when under pressure, to start successful businesses in 1.5 hours!  I am sure I can help YOU.  If not, as a professional, I offer a money back guarantee.


A quiet revolution, where everyone feels good about their business, makes money and makes a difference.



“Gave me the courage to step outside my comfort zone, by finally handing in my notice”  Sarah Platt




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