Get Out of Debt Forever

Get out of debt forever

yes it is possible,

mainly I focus with Money Coaching on bringing money in,

so when someone brings up debt half way through a session, I know it is probably a little more serious than they are letting on,

so I recommend taking dramatic action.


My 2 steps are:

Firstly: Dramatically, drastically reduce all your expenses

This does involve having really horrible, embarrassing conversations with people, about getting out of things you have committed to, that are awkward and emotionally yuck.

Remember that yucky feeling is what will stop you going into debt again. Breathe.

I did say they were dramatic.


Secondly: Get a part time job

All my clients are in business and we try and get a quick win on their business or schedule a follow up session.

The reality is sometimes businesses go through peaks and troughs or they just take longer to make money that you expect so getting a part time job does at least bring in some income, which does make a difference.

Now these are quite dramatic solutions, and the reason is to try and shock people out of denial, into dealing with their debt.

Often there is someone in their life they can talk to but they haven’t because they are too embarrassed.

After a conversation with me! They are much more likely to do that and come up with a less embarrassing, less awkward situation.

So it is about getting out of denial and into action because once you are in action, the worry and the stress just calms down quite a lot.

It can be done and all my clients who have followed this advice have got out of debt and none of them have got back into debt.

So I know it is a difficult subject and I wish you the best with it.

Thank you for watching.


How Much Money is Enough?

How much is enough money?

There is no right answer, only the right answer for you!

What makes you feel happy, contented and feel good about yourself?

Now I am talking personal money here, just for you.

Not charitable contributions or community donations, or for anyone else.  Just for you.



I have asked 100’s of people this question

(I know, but that is what I am interested in), mostly in the early stages of business.

Generally, the answer is a blank look.

It is very rare for someone to actually have an answer,

ever rarer for someone to have  a money goal,

(which is obviously something I get excited about).


Yet happiness surveys tell us “having enough money increases our happiness” but once we have enough, then it is all about our health and our relationships.


So it could be interesting to work it out?

You don’t have to do it formally,

just on the back of an envelope, but I wonder what the answer would be?


Alternatively, decide you have enough money and enjoy it.


Thank you for watching.


I Want More Money

I want more money.

Probably one of the most popular questions, although people to tend to put it more subtly.

I would like to grow my business
I should pay off my overdraft
I need to solve my immediate concern

So today I am going to give you one method of doing just that.  It is only 2 steps, so if you are ready?

Step 1   Give yourself permission

Step 2   Take action

Give yourself permission, then take action and you need to do it in that order.


Let me give you an example:

I was working with a mother who ran a very successful business.

When she decided to go part-time, her income crashed.  She couldn’t understand why?

We had a conversation and she realised that she had been a tad condescending

about mothers who worked part-time. Thinking they weren’t really serious about their business and didn’t make much money.  So that is where she found herself.

Obviously that statement isn’t true in all cases, people have different opinions.

What she did is give herself permission to earn her professional rates, however many hours she worked.  She went back to work, took a couple of actions and within a couple of weeks was back earning a good income.

So that is the way, give yourself permission and then take action.

Now I know if can be difficult to see inside your own head!


Talk to a friend or partner if they are positive about money, as they can usually see things you can’t.

Alternatively, write a letter to money, there is a template on my website.

Email me to book a confidential conversation about money


Thank you for watching.


Can’t Face your Figures? Write a Letter to Money Instead.

Can’t face your figures? Write a letter to money instead.

Yes, we are all human and there are times where we all think ‘ugh’ I can’t face doing my figures or my bookkeeping, or money just got on top of you.

So today what I wanted to do, was provide you with a short, quick tool to use, when you get into that place.

Yes, it is only being human and by doing writing instead of figures, hopefully, it accesses a different part of your brain.

Now many of you might have written a letter to money before but what I am suggesting today, is to just pick one topic to keep it short and sweet.

Why can’t I get on with my books?
Why do I always spend more than I earn?
Why do I … whatever it is that is your thing?

Just pick one topic and write a letter.

Now what you want to do is write it like you are writing to a dear friend.

A dear friend that is never going to read it so you can be as honest as you like!

It is a great place to have a good rant or get anything off your chest that you feel will help.

You can just take a sheet of paper and write it out, do it on your computer. Or if you want some headings to help you along, I have prepared some.

If you go to my website you will find the headings and the explanations.

The headings for your Dear Money letter are:

I am doing…, so it is Dear Money and then say what you are doing.
I am feeling…and say what you are feeling.
Ask what can you do…what can you do?
Dealing with buts, and’s and I want more’s… they will come up so have that as a topic.
What can I do now? You don’t have to do it but ask the question.
End with a Thank You, that is always a good way to end.

So that is my ‘get yourself unstuck’ little tool so thank you very much for watching.

Next week we are back to practical stuff and it is a Live Q & A on Facebook at 12 noon GMT on Friday 3rd February 2017.

We are talking about now you have done your books, or now you have done your accounts, what now? You can just stick them in a drawer but we are going to provide you with some other useful suggestions.
Thank you for watching.

Bookkeeping Motivation

Bookkeeping Motivation

The best method I have found over the years of motivating both myself and my clients is the method of rewards and consequences.

Little rewards when you complete your books, little consequences when you don’t. This has the effect of associating rewards with bookkeeping, which is a good thing, and also positive emotions.

So I think of bookkeeping as the business equivalent of laundry.

Yes I am talking washing your clothes here, which might seem a bit random! When you wash your clothes regularly, it means you can wear all your favourite things. If you leave your washing for too long, you end up wearing the things you like least, that are left at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Even buying new is only a short term solution.

Can you imagine doing a whole year’s worth of laundry in one go?

Should you have that many clothes. Yet that is what people do with their bookkeeping. Then they wonder why they avoid it, that sounds quite daunting to me.

So my recommendation, like your laundry, do it regularly, it lessens the chore and you might even start enjoying it. You will definitely get better at it.

If you are not sure how to do your books, I have created a course called The Most Simple Bookkeeping Course Ever, which will show you how to set up your books and how to do them regularly.

It is available on Facebook and my website. Thank you for watching.

The Most Simple Book Keeping Course Ever

Welcome to The Most Simple Book Keeping Course Ever

So, why do your books?

I can almost hear you say “because we have to” and yes tax offices around the world do love to know how much us businesses make, so they can tax us, that is true.

However, the main reason to do the books is for you.

You need to know how much, you can take out and go party on.

Or more seriously, making business decisions without know your figures, is a bit like wandering around in the dark.

So I have created this very simple way of doing your books and starting your book keeping journey.

It is aimed at home based businesses, one person businesses, who are just starting out. Or perhaps have started their business but got a bit behind with their book keeping!

It is 5 very short videos, we do Book keeping Explained, we deal with your Money In, your Money Out, Bringing it All Together and the top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

In fact you can actually do your books whilst you watch the video.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.
So do you want to start your book keeping journey now?

Click PayPal link below and pay, and I will take you to the videos.

Or go to my website Jenny Bracelin

Either way, I wish you every success with your business, thank you for watching.

Here’s how to pay and have your book keeping up and running in under 15 minutes for just £25.

Disclaimer: Only take advice that is useful!

Improve Your Customer Service Whilst Shopping!

Improve Your Customer Service whilst Shopping!

Yes, a little bit of multitasking for you.

I have to confess, I am really not a fan of shopping. What I notice is more and more people are starting to feel the same.

So next time you are out shopping, notice what attracts you, what calls you and makes you go “oh yes I want to buy”. But also what makes you think, “oh, I can’t be bothered, no, no, not buying from them”.

And then, buy from your own website or shop.

So when you actually go through, how to find yourself, how to find your products or services, how easy is it to click the links and put it your basket and pay.

You notice just small little things that you perhaps wouldn’t have thought of, if you hadn’t actually been your own customer. Making those small improvements will not only improve your customer service but also will increase sales.

This is one of my most popular sessions as a business and money coach, looking at your business from a customer’s perspective.

My name is Jenny Bracelin and I am a Business and Money Coach and I would like to thank you for watching my blog.

Feel a Little Richer

I thought today would be a good day to Feel a Little Richer

So looking at the practical side,

yes there are always people who can afford more than you but there are also people who can’t afford as much as you can.

I looked at the Global Rich List and put in £100 per week, which is just a little more than Unemployment Benefit in the UK.

So if you are earning £100 per week, that puts you in the Top 20% of the Global Rich. I know!

So perhaps, just for today, enjoy what you can afford and don’t worry about what you can’t.

Thank you for watching.

Pricing: How Much Per Hour?

Today we are talking about pricing, particularly how much to charge per hour.

So the good news and possibly the bad news is there is no right answer.  It depends on a number of factors really.

Essentially you want to charge enough so you are earning the same or more than you would in the same job and covering your business costs but also possibly even making a contribution to your pension!

Chloe, from Pink Flamingo Marketing very kindly sent me this link called and in about 10 seconds you can work out what you should be charging per hour.

Obviously there are a number of factors, the most important one is clients can afford to pay your fees.  There is no point having this fantastic service if you are trying to sell it to people with no money.

So there are a number of factors to take into consideration, obviously how much your clients can afford and you can change your clients or your service if the ones you want to serve can’t afford you.

But also your skills, your level of professionalism and your service in general and what you offer.  So you are trying to get a match between you and your customers.

I have a couple of examples, 2 graphic designers.  One was doing a minimum wage job and really loved doing logos and wanted to start a business.  With no money at all, no investment, she logged on to and started offering that service.

She had no experience, no specialist equipment and no qualifications.  After a while she worked out she was earning £10 per hour doing it in the evenings and weekends and that was more than she was earning during the day so she was very happy and I am sure her customers were too as they were getting cheap logos and that was what they were looking for.

As the other end of the extreme I had a client who was an incredibly experienced graphic designer, with 20 years experience.

Highly qualified, highly technical, had all the right kit and her customers loved her.  She worked mainly for technical companies who where making money and wanted to create an image that both explained and made look appealing their technical parts.  That takes a bit of skill and they were happy to per her upwards of a £100 per hour to do that.

So as you can see it does depend on lots of factors.

What I would recommend is it is a bit of trial and error, but if you listen to your customers, both to what they do say and what they never say about you, then that would be a good place to start looking at whether you are charging the right price and if there are things you can do with in your business to make yourself more professional and be a better match for your customers.

You will know when you have got it right as customers will love what you do.

Thank you very much for watching and I look forward to seeing you next week, my name is Jenny Bracelin and I am a Business and Money Coach, thank you.

The Best Feng Shui Tip for Money

Welcome to the best Feng Shui Tip for money.

So here I am in my home office.

What I notice is, when I go to clients, often the money area of their office, or more generally their home or plot, tends to have clutter or undesirable objects in it.

So I thought I would show you today, where your money areas are, so if you just want to tidy or clean a little bit of your home, then this would be the area to do.

Here we are in my home office and I am standing with my back to door, if I just show you my door, so you can see my door is here.

Where your money area is: if you stand with your back to the door, then it is on your far left, it is your far left area.

So if we go round, so that is my left wall and then this is my money area, in the corner. So has you can probably see, I have a light there and a drum and it quite clean and clear.

That’s the thing you can do, look at the area of your money and see if it has things that represent you? The most often thing I find is a bin!

I don’t know why but people just naturally put their bins in the money area. So what you can do is take a cloth and give it quick wipe, or next time you are cleaning, pull everything out and hoover (vacuum) behind it and just give it a bit of a clean and that spruces it up.

So that is my top tip, just spend a couple of minutes tidying your money area of your office particularly or your home or your plot, on a larger scale, which is the far left part of your home.
Thank you for watching.