Do you forget to tell people you’re experienced, qualified, and so good at what you do that you’ve won awards? This is me:

Best Customer Service in the UK with the Prince’s Trust presented by Prince (now King) Charles. He was very funny and told me to go and enjoy my £5,000 prize money rather than invest it in my business. The award ceremony was at 8 am so he could fit it into his busy schedule!
I also won Best New Business and Best Commercial Achievement.

30 years in business with 5 different businesses – linen hire, property investment, a record label, freelance business adviser for people on benefits, and now a business coach for independent business owners.

My tablecloths were in a James Bond film. Many of the musicians reached the top 10 in the charts, and I still have my property investments. I was also the business adviser the Job Centre called for their difficult and dangerous clients.

Originally, I trained as a ballet dancer and embraced personal development in my 20s. Now, I have many business qualifications, including online programmes like B-School and Money Bootcamp. Whilst my coaching qualifications from Warwick University are probably my most prestigious, I’m most proud of helping well over 1,000 clients start and run successful businesses.

It’s easy to forget that our (edited) life can sound amazing to other people 😎

I’m Jenny Bracelin, providing heartfelt, practical and experienced business coaching to individual business owners to achieve incredible results which suit them and their clients.

Jenny Bracelin
Business Coach