Yes, we cover that! All your questions are answered and every area of your business is upgraded in the order that suits you.

1. What is Important?
2. Which ideas to progress
3. Ideal client
4. Branding & Customer Journey
5. Website & Social Media
6. Business Finances & Pricing
7. Money Mindset & Personal Finances
8. Cashflow & Bookkeeping
9. Business Personality
10. Productivity & Time off
11. Technology & Legal
12. Goals & Dreams

🌳 How will your business look by the end of the year?🌳

Return on investment:
Most clients dramatically increase their income and become more confident and skilled at successfully running their business.

Price: £250 monthly for 12 months to fall in love with your business again.
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“Money is good, work/life balance is getting better, and more importantly, I feel very happy” Alex B, Physical Trainer (PT)

I’m Jenny Bracelin, providing heartfelt, practical and experienced business coaching to individual business owners to achieve incredible results which suit them and their clients.


Jenny Bracelin, Business Coach