How do you complete your challenges?

To complete challenges, I need accountability, a checklist and lots of rest!  That’s what I’ve discovered over the last couple of months.

Yes, I finished re-imagining my business project, and I wanted to share how I overcame my challenges or not, in the hope it will help you with yours.


What was the most challenging thing?

Keeping going through what felt like an impossibly long list of things to do.  Giving myself time to switch off and rest daily and weekly was critical to keep myself going, and still, my exercise goals fell by the wayside.


What was the easiest thing?

Writing a checklist covering every area of my business – in the order I needed to do them and with deadlines.   It was also the best thing, as I spent no time wondering what I needed to do – focusing solely on overcoming procrastination or working out how to do it.

I love a checklist; business is my subject, so I knew exactly what to do, and it made it much more manageable.  


Did you have support?

YES!  And it was critical to making progress.  I had a weekly check-in to keep me motivated and a monthly mastermind day to help me progress on the problematic areas I was completely stuck on.  For example, updating websites is always a challenge on your own. 


Did you achieve your goal?

Yes.  Not everything works, and I still have some little things to finish.  But I achieved my main goal, ‘to say what I do for whom clearly’ and made progress in every business area – no more everything for everyone.


I show business owners how to love and grow their businesses – so they have confidence, clarity and direction with every decision they make that suits them and their clients.


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Are you happy with the outcome? 

I’m relieved I’m done even though not everything worked out, and there is always more I could and should have done.  But yes, I’m happy. It was vital to remind myself how challenging change can be for my clients as well as me.

I can’t wait to spend more time thinking about client businesses than my own!


Any tips?

  1. Be clear about why you’re taking on a project or challenge and the essential outcome you need from it.  Otherwise, it expands to include your whole life!
  2. Get help and support – from a friend, business buddy, group or professional.  Declaring it publically added pressure.
  3. A deadline to finish.  Or your life is on hold indefinitely.

Next month, I’ll be talking about the three levels of branding and relieved that it’s not about me anymore!

Thank you for reading, your support and patience.  I wish you every success with your projects and challenges this year.

All the best, Jenny

Fall in love with your business again, supported by heartfelt and practical business coaching.

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