I spend a considerable amount of time persuading dreamers to plan and planners to dream.


Even building this tiny, beautiful caravan took both a dream and a plan, so I thought I would explain a little more here.



  • have lots of big dreams
  • are fantastic at making things happen – often magically
  • are frustrated when their dreams are unfinished or not working out well

Dreamers are tired from constantly juggling work with minimal income.  



  • are organised and focused (you are, I promise)
  • get a lot done in a day
  • are frustrated that business is all work, work, work

Planners are tired from working hard every day and think more money will be more work.  


I am sure now I have laid it out – the solution is obvious.

Dreamers need to plan and focus a little more.

Planners need to pause and dream a little more.


Here is an Example:

A dreamer wanted to create this massively complicated, time consuming business.  After ignoring my list of essential actions (a planner would never ignore suggestions) – we focused on a business earning 1000’s of pounds, taking only a few hours a week.  (Planners ignore the easy options as well).


I had to officially give them permission that business could be this easy!

All the best, Jenny


Article by Jenny Bracelin, Money Coach and Business Mentor from I Explain Money

How can I help you?

By focusing on you and your potential.
Looking at which heartfelt actions:

  • Make the most difference
  • Improve your business confidence
  • Make you more money.

Making money is a skill you can learn – both practical techniques and money confidence.

Since 2001, I have helped over 1000 people create and run successful businesses from nothing.  Transforming their lives. Jenny

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