Don’t Spend £10K on an Online Course

There, I have said it.


I have been watching this modern gold rush for the last 2 years.  Everyone wants to be the one selling spades, to people prospecting for gold or trying to live their dreams.   The result is relentless selling, but does it work?


Let’s assume the online course is fantastic and will answer all your needs..



From a Business Perspective.


Setting up an online business is the same as a normal business plus some tech.  Before you start spending money on technology or anything else, check your business works.  In my experience as a business adviser, everyone goes through a fear stage setting up in business, usually to do with money or selling.

People will do anything (including spending £10K) to avoid asking potential customers “will you buy my service for X pounds?”


Sadly, there aren’t mythical customers online, willing to spending thousands of pounds on anything and everything.


However, 10 customers is all that is needed to meet that magical 6 figure target, which is appealing.  Interestingly though, most successful online business course sellers, have a marketing background and are comfortable with selling.


One freebie I downloaded “The Ultimate Sales Script” explained the 39 contact emails, I needed to send, to sell to my friends and family, no list needed!  My friends and family would no longer be friends, if I had followed their advice.


Signing up to a course feels like taking action.  “I need to research my idea or promote my business but I am a bit scared, so I will sign up to this course that sounds exactly what I need.”  That ticks it off today’s list but then what?


I did find a fantastic course that included mindset motivation, online business, high level selling, it was wow.  After endless webinars, it turns out to be 6 months full time work. They guarantee you will have customers in 6 weeks or your money back (provided you have completed the first 6 weeks of assignments, ouch!).


How do they teach you to find customers? Cold calling.  All that effort and money, only to be back at the “will you buy my service for X pounds” question!!



Time and Motivation?


These courses provide masses of information, similar to an MBA or a University course but without the support or qualifications.


Have you considered where you are going to find 15-30 hours a week, to study the vast resources you are being tempted by, for 3 to 12 months?  That doesn’t include further research to enable you to actually start your business.

Plus the time spent supporting and being supported by other people, in the ever popular Facebook Group.


I am concerned by the guilt I see in people who don’t complete these courses.  Most people have been on a training day, that was a bit boring or difficult but sharing the experience with people in real life gets you through it.  The drop rate is of this type of learning is high, 80-90% (Guardian 2018).


Do you enjoy spending hours on your own, in front of the computer?  Logging on, completing modules, one at a time, until you have finished?  You are a rare human being! These courses may well work for you!


What’s the alternative?


  1. Ignore the marketing hype – I know it is difficult, they are great at marketing.
  2. Try their free or low cost version, to find out if the time, effort and most importantly the benefits work for you, in your business.
  3. There are now cheaper alternatives if you really want an online solution.
  4. Attend your free or low cost ‘Start you own business’ course, locally, in person.


  1. Get specific help with your marketing or money fears.


I can offer you a one year millionaire programme!! However, my most popular service is my one session money coaching because I go through it with you.


My one off breakthrough session on money provides:

Boosts your confidence
Opportunities follow.

Feel confident with money, getting paid and being successful in business.


Jenny Bracelin is a money coach, who offers a fresh perspective.