Are you sitting awkwardly on a fence?



I have had a few clients call me today.  They have made the changes, created a goal and are getting out of the situation they were in.  But…


They are just sitting awkwardly on fence, thinking “am I brave enough to really go for it?”


“You are, go for it, now is the time!!”

Don’t go back to the dark and the cow pats (I am in a field of cows!).

Look forward, see the future, it is there for you.


Be brave and go for it.  You have started, now get your other leg over and jump off that fence.


Live the dream, the dog is going for it with a stick  (she is barking in the background, woof, woof)


Call me if I can help 07956 218744.  If not, just go for it, Jenny


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