Too Cheap for Too Long?

Today, I’m showing you my journey from decision to implementation to inspire you to make those difficult decisions.

Whether you’ve been too cheap for too long (my price increases at the end of February) or doing things you know you need to let go of.


My Future

I realised I needed to reposition my whole business, which would exclude some people on price.

This took a few months to accept in my heart, even though my head knows you can’t please everyone.


Decisions I have made

  • To focus on established business owners.
  • To retire my I Explain Money brand and call myself a coach.
  • To re-imagine my business from an established business perspective, e.g. make my reports easier to refer to and build on.


Decisions still to make 

  • Update the look and feel of my business
  • Update all my marketing, including social media and websites
  • Look at my business through these customers’ eyes so that every step works perfectly for them at my new price.


Years ago, I won a UK Customer Service Award because I gave customers what they wanted.  It’s easy to drift off when you have a variety of them.

It is vital in these economic times to take care of our customers.


What you need to know

Hopefully, my re-imagined business will come across as more me – experienced, practical and heartfelt.

  • I plan to call myself a Business Coach
  • Work with established businesses
  • To grow your business in a way that precisely suits you and your clients.


I appreciate feedback, so please reply to this email or give me a call at 07956 218744


Yes, there is a price increase at the end of February.

£325 for a session and 12 sessions for the price of 10, payable monthly by stripe or bank-to-bank transfer.

You are welcome to book in February (for appointments in February and March) at my current rate of £150, and yes, I’ll still work with start-ups whilst I transition over.

You can book your session here

I hope this blog gave you some inspiration to make the changes you’ve been longing for in your business.


All the very best, Jenny




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