Endings or Beginnings: Which Do You Prefer?

For example, if you prefer endings, then you have probably already sent your tax return to the Tax Office?  Whilst some of you are nodding wisely, others are reeling in horror, “I thought I had until January to do my tax return ?!”

Perhaps you prefer beginnings?  You already have your financial goals and have excitedly set up your new file or spreadsheet?

New Tax Year…

Maybe neither appeal when it comes to tax – I add caffeine and my own deadline – within a week of the new tax year.

Then it’s done and not dragging down my To Do list for months.  See my blog on Relaxing Tax Returns

I know exactly how much tax to pay in January and most importantly, I can learn from what I did last year, now.  Instead of waiting nine more months.

Go on, treat yourself.

Message me, if you need motivating or help learning from your figures.

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