Set goal + take action

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

Englishmen Cecil Alec Mace was the first to test the benefits of goal setting, and he proved we are not primarily incentivised by money!

So how do we achieve those money goals?


Here are my top tips

  1. Link goals to something important to you – e.g. providing for someone else or an experience or item you crave.
  2. Read them every day – you can only read them so many times, before you either take action or cross them off.
  3. Get support – telling someone else your income and expenses every month is incredibly motivating!


All my services help you with your money goals.  Here is a summary of what I offer.


My clients are usually in one of two places.  Either they are in denial with no savings or doing much better than they think.


Where are you right now? 


Wherever you are with your goals, please be kind to yourself, just choose a more effective strategy for the next 6 months.


I want you to have arrived at your dream destination by the end of the year.


All the best, Jenny



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