Sabotaging your money?  AGAIN!!


Resist the urge to blow it ALL up.


So, you sabotaged your savings goal, your business had a tough month or your car needed repairing AGAIN.

Do you really want life to be a horizontal straight line?




This week has been ‘rant’ week with clients.  Lots of ‘there’s no point’, ‘I always do this’ and ‘will it ever change’.


I encouraged them to wave a few sparklers, throw some anger on the bonfire and whoa! Could that be a solution forming in your mind? It has only been 20 minutes!


Yes you are saving, rather than paying off debt.  Yes it was a bad month, but the summer was brilliant.  And yes, your car needs repairing again but it keeps you safe and in work.


I repeat, resist the urge to blow it all up, in a act of self-sabotage, that you will regret in the morning.  Give yourself a time out or give me a call.


I mix and match coaching, mentoring, business advice and personal development.


Let me bring a fresh perspective and take YOU to the next level.


All the best, Jenny

Jenny Bracelin
Money Coach