Three ways to slash your To Do list:

With business coaching, often, it’s one key action a month that transforms clients’ businesses.   


And the hardest thing can be persuading them to let go of their ever-growing To Do list – which has become like a comfort blanket, proving they are working hard and doing their best.


Avoid an ever-growing To Do list by:

  • Try doing less instead of more!
  • Ask yourself, will this action achieve my goal or increase my profit?
  • Schedule specific projects weekly or monthly.  This is how I upgrade an entire business in 12 months with my A Year’s Support programme.

And breathe, you’re doing great.

All the best, Jenny


I’m Jenny Bracelin, providing heartfelt, practical and experienced business coaching to individual business owners to achieve incredible results which suit them and their clients.

Jenny Bracelin

Business Coach

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