Why Are People Weird About Book-keeping?

I have always thought people avoided their book-keeping, because they didn’t want to know the answer – because things weren’t going well!

But I have been helping a client with her book-keeping. Her figures were fantastic!!

So I have asked around to see what everyone else thought?

Apart from “it’s personal, I am not answering!” People said:

  • lack of responsibility
  • no discipline
  • not very good at being consistent
  • well it’s not fun is it!

The most popular reply was still “I don’t want to know”

The most fascinating answer, was people think they can get by without it! “You don’t need to do your books, until it comes to tax return time.

Oh the stress of trying to do it all in January, working out what that receipt was for?

Plus none of the benefits of knowing your figures, weekly or monthly, and the opportunity to make changes in your business.


For my client, I created a couple of little brightly coloured charts, in the hope of exciting her about book-keeping. She got excited!

I feel really pleased. She has booked to come back to get this year’s books up to date!! I hope I have motivated to do her books now, on a monthly basis.

Awareness is the first step, so working out how you feel about book-keeping, is a great place to start.

We all want to feel good about money.